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Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Program

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About OFS

The mission of Optima Family Services, Inc. is to provide exceptional, safe, and interactive infant stimulation, early therapeutic services, and behavioral services to our clients and their families in need. In addition, the Applied Behavior Analysis program was designed with the goal to increase socially significant behavior and decrease unsafe/inhibiting behavior.

Our ABA Program

To learn more about our program or to have a free phone consult, please contact us. Our staff is readily available to answer any questions you may have about your child or eligibility for services.

We Speak The Language

Our ABA program provides excellent In-Home Behavior Intervention Services and Parenting Skills Programs for children 2 to22 years and their families. The services provided are aimed toward families with children and young adults diagnosed with Autism.

Applied Behavior Analysis is a field of psychology that has been shown to systematically improve the quality of life of clients and their families by focusing on increasing socially significant behaviors. The ABA Program designed by Optima Family Services, Inc. is tailored to specifically target and attend to the individual needs of each child and family. This program, aimed specifically for your child, will include various activities and objectives for the improvement and development of your child’s physical, social and mental health. These activities are evidence based and have been empirically validated.

Optima Family Services, Inc. understands the importance of family in every child’s life. The ABA Program is committed to attending to your family’s needs and to bring them closer together so that each member of the family can achieve success as a unit and as individuals. This objective is met through a support system that allows families to improve their skills in areas such as problem solving, family member encouragement, and access to networks, agencies, and information.

Each of our cases is supervised by a highly skilled, highly trained Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with extensive experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our clinical supervisors and program managers ensure the treatment program is implemented within our standards and consistent with the client’s and family’s needs. Our BCBAs evaluate program progress, highlight interventions that positively impact the client and make changes when needed to increase and hasten progress. Additionally, our BCBAs take a team-oriented approach to each case to involve families in the therapeutic process for their child.

Our treatment programs include great emphasis on parent education and collaboration. Each case consists of training families on using empirically-proven approaches to handling problem behaviors while facilitating skill developments to assist clients in reaching their developmental milestones. At Optima Family Services, we pride ourselves in consistency in our treatment programs and excellent communication with our families.

The program provided by Optima Family Services, Inc. for your child and family is designed with a multi-cultural background to attend to your specific needs regarding possible cultural differences. Optima Family Services, Inc. staff is proud of its cultural, language, and ethnic diversity, with many of our team members being able to speak more than one language. The staff members are aware of our standards and philosophies, and they share a belief system of morality, encouragement, sensitivity, respect, and tolerance.

Current Medical Insurance Carriers

  • Anthem (Medi-Cal)
  • MHNM
  • Optum
  • Magellan
  • IEHP
  • Aetna (available as of June 15, 2018)
  • Single case agreements with LACare and Care1st
  • Not currently vendorized with Regional Centers
  • Other insurances to be added in 2018!

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